Why Follow Up?

The participation of your 3 friends is vital in reaching our goal to unite a community of 20 million people, each giving $5 for clean water and inviting 3 friends to do the same. With these resources, our vision is to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to millions of people in the developing world.

While this is an ambitious goal, it just takes 15 waves of friends inviting friends to involve more than 20 million people in this cause (To view more information about the mathematics of the 3for5 Movement, click here).

So, follow-up with your friends to make sure they are staying engaged with theirs.

What's Involved in "Following Up?"

First, check the status of your friends' efforts by using the 3for5 "My Network" tool which will allow you to watch the growth of your entire wave and its individual droplets. You can enter the names and emails of the friends you'd like to invite into the 3for5 Movement and then visually follow each friend's process of inviting his or her friends to join the Movement.

Next, periodically contact each of your invited friends to discuss the 3for5 Movement. If a friend decides not to join the movement with you, invite another friend to fill his or her spot so that overall you can still bring at least 3 friends to join the cause with you.

Finally, when the 3for5 Movement as a whole or your individual 3for5 network reaches a significant fundraising milestone, take time to celebrate with your friends! Send out a celebratory email or even organize some gatherings within cities where your friends are located.