Our Vision

3for5's vision is a united community of 20 million people, each giving $5 and inviting 3 friends, to provide sustainable access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to millions of people in the developing world!

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How Does 3for5 Decide Where My Money Goes?

100% of your $5 (or more) 3for5 Movement contribution will go toward providing clean water in the developing world.*

3for5 partners with on-the-ground nonprofit organizations who implement clean water solutions in places of need. These organizations submit a clean water project proposal, we review it, and then determine whether it is an effective use of yours and our money.

The actual geographical location of the efforts that 3for5 funds varies from project to project. Our efforts include shallow and deep water wells, cisterns, hygiene education programs, sanitation projects, and more.

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*PayPal transaction fees are deducted from your overall donation, though we invite you to help cover these fees in order to provide more people with clean water. Read our FAQ's for more details.