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3for5 FAQs

What is the 3for5 Method?

The 3for5 Method is a new way to generate awareness and money for humanitarian causes. It begins with individual people called droplets. Each droplet donates $5 toward the current 3for5 cause and personally contacts at least 3 of his or her friends to individually discuss the cause with them. The droplet then invites each friend to join the 3for5 Movement by donating $5 toward the cause through the 3for5.org website, and invited friends then personally contact at least 3 of their friends and so on. Eventually, waves are formed, comprised of hundreds, thousands and even millions of people who are committed to spreading the movement on behalf of the cause. In essence, the method harnesses the trust inherent within existing friendships and social relationships to band people together for positive global change.

Why do I need to invite 3 friends?

This is how we will unite a community of millions of people for clean water! We believe in the grass-roots power of small groups of people. With your help, and your friends' help, we can make an incredible difference in the lives of those in need.

How is 3for5 different from multi-level-marketing or a chain letter?

3for5 is not multi-level marketing. There is no product sold, and no one is getting rich off of this idea. 3for5 is pure non-profit fundraising, with 100% of 3for5 Movement donations (minus PayPal fees) going directly toward water projects in the developing world.

The 3for5 Method is also not a chain letter. Instead, it relies on personal communication between friends, as opposed to the impersonal communication between strangers that is often associated with chain letters. By donating $5 for clean water, you and your friends can literally help save people's lives! We think that's pretty amazing–something worth sharing with 3 close friends and the whole world!

How much of my donation will go toward clean water projects?

Nearly 100% of your $5 (or more) 3for5 Movement donation will go toward funding clean water projects in the developing world.

The reason we qualify this with the word "nearly" is that we use PayPal, who charges us a small fee for their services. Our hope is that you will opt to cover these fees in your donation so that more money can go toward providing people with clean water.

Additionally, send PayPal a message expressing your support of the 3for5 Movement, and asking them to waive transaction fees for this important cause. With enough people asking, PayPal might just help us help people get clean water!

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, 100% of your contribution is tax-deductible. The 3for5 Foundation is a US-based public charity organized under the rules of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. When you make your donation via the 3for5.org website, you'll have the ability to print an electronic receipt for your tax records. You may also access a copy of your yearly giving summary through the 3for5.org website on the "Donate" page.

How does 3for5 decide where my money goes?

The 3for5 Foundation accepts project proposals from non-profit organizations that have an established track record of providing sustainable water solutions on the ground in the developing world. 3for5 carefully reviews each proposal to determine the most effective use of your donations. We require each on-the-ground organization to provide us with full financial transparency and accountability for their use of 3for5 funds. You can access this information on the Projects page in the "Cause" section. You can also access 3for5's own financial information by clicking the Financials page in the "About Us" section.

What if I want to invite more than 3 friends or donate more than $5?

Inviting 3 friends to participate with you in 3for5 is the simple goal. If you want to invite more friends or donate more money, that's even better!

Why should I give to 3for5 rather than to another non-profit organization dedicated to clean water?

Actually, we encourage you to do both. All of the non-profit organizations dedicated to clean water have the same goal--provide people in the developing world with clean water. Yet, each approaches the achievement of that goal a little differently. Give to whom you think fits your interests and expectations the best. Or give a little bit to multiple organizations!

If 3for5 Foundation gives 100% of my donation to water projects on the ground, how will it cover operational and technology costs?

We have applied and will continue to apply for funding from foundations, corporations and other private philanthropic organizations to cover our operational and technology costs. We do this so that nearly 100% of your donation can go toward clean water (see the FAQ entitled "How much of my donation will go toward clean water projects" for more details about the 'nearly' part).

At your discretion, you'll also have the opportunity to help cover the administrative and technology costs of the 3for5 Movement which we would view as support of the 3for5 Foundation and the work we're doing for clean water.

Will 3for5 donations be given to faith-based organizations?

3for5 Foundation is not a faith-based organization and believes that providing clean water to people in the developing world is a humanitarian responsibility.

Faith-based organizations which meet 3for5 Foundation's project proposal criteria may receive 3for5 donations, provided that the funds are not used for religious programs or activities, but are used directly for water projects on the ground.

How do I watch my network wave grow?

The "My Network" tool will allow you to view your entire wave of invited droplets, and watch that wave grow over time. You can enter the names and emails of the friends you'd like to invite to join you in the 3for5 Movement and then visually follow their process of inviting 3 friends to join the 3for5 Movement.

The "My Network" page will also display how much money the entire movement has raised as well as how much money has been raised by your involvement (the aggregate sum donated by you, your friends, their friends, and so on). You can also search the 3for5 Network to find other people involved in the 3for5 Movement.

Please Note that the "My Network" tool is no longer operational.

What if an invited friend isn't able to follow through?

If any of your invited friends become unable to follow through on their 3for5 commitments with you, you can simply and easily invite another friend to fill that spot.

Can I still participate in 3for5 if I can't find 3 friends to join me?

Certainly. But remember, the strength of the movement revolves around inviting 3 friends to participate with you. If you can't find other friends to come alongside you, then consider asking one of your friends who does come alongside you to invite a fourth or a fifth friend instead, ensuring that the 3for5 Network is sustained.

Should I send everyone I know (like all of my Facebook friends) a link to the 3for5.org website?

You're certainly welcome to do this, but we would advise against it. Here's why:

At the heart of 3for5's success is the notion of personal relationships. Personally communicating with your friends ensures a level of trust that would not normally exist in a typical fundraising endeavor. Likewise, this personal connection allows you to gauge the interest of your friends firsthand and to follow through in encouraging them to talk to their friends.

So, while it's certainly okay to tell as many people as you want about 3for5, and in any way you like, we suggest simply talking to three friends.

Hopefully, this will increase the likelihood of those friends becoming personally invested in the 3for5 cause just like you are.

What if my organization (school, corporation, club, etc) wants to get involved with 3for5?

We're always open to new collaborations and partnerships. Tell us about your idea on 3for5's donor support page at getsatisfaction.com.

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